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Minneapolis Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

On March 24, 2012, St. Louis Park police arrested John Bayiha after responding to a call from a local hospital.  There, they spoke with the sister-in-law of the alleged victim, who reported that earlier in the day Bayiha had accused his wife of infidelity, taken her cell phone, pushed her to the floor and attempted… Read more »

Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

Sex crimes are thought of as some of the most heinous offenses that can be committed, but often the statutes that describe these crimes can be confusing. This is particularly true when it comes to the crime of criminal sexual conduct in the state of Minnesota, listed in the state revisor. If you’re worried about… Read more »

How Serious is Aiding an Offender in Minnesota?

It’s one of those unavoidable truths that people who are in trouble with the law have friends and family who often get caught up in the negative events. All too often, loving family and romantic partners find themselves charged with aiding an offender, sometimes when they weren’t even aware that they were doing so. If… Read more »

Minnesota Burglary Defense Lawyer

Burglary refers to the act of breaking into and entering another person’s property, unlawfully with the intention to commit a crime. Building a strong defense against burglary with an attorney is essential, especially because burglary is often considered a felony. This guide will walk you through some factors everybody should know about burglary charges. Degrees… Read more »

Understanding Criminal Vehicular Injury Charges

Many states revise their laws to adjust for instances in which gross negligence behind the wheel of a vehicle leads to injury. In Minnesota, the result is a criminal vehicular injury charge. If you have been charged with criminal vehicular injury, you want to know what this means for your future. What are criminal vehicular… Read more »

Minnesota Solicitation and Prostitution Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for prostitution or solicitation of prostitution, your first steps following the arrest should be to find a criminal defense attorney. Even if you are completely innocent, you must be able to bring solid evidence to court to avoid conviction. It often feels like the criminal justice system is stacked against… Read more »

Minneapolis Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

7 Things You Might Not Know about Disorderly Conduct In these times of nationwide protests and a people on both sides of a political issue expressing anger publicly, we thought we’d take the time to let you know some things about disorderly conduct laws in Minnesota that you might not know. How does the law define… Read more »

Hit & Run: Leaving The Scene of An Accident

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer There are things about leaving the scene of an accident, popularly known a hit and run, that might just surprise you. Three things, in fact. What is the legal definition of a hit and run? Hit and run statutes technically address “leaving the scene of an accident.” Minnesota Statute 169.09 makes it… Read more »